Brand Partners

FTC is a premium destination for maternity and post maternity buy, rental and resale. We are offering brands the opportunity to use FTC or our resale platform, The Collective as an extension of their own websites for sale or excess stock.

Brand partners

The Resale Collective

Our aim is to grow the life cycle of products and make them live longer, especially for customers in this phase of their lives. For accessories and more durable product, we work with brands on a buyback scheme, whereby ensuring the life cycle of the product lives on longer than just one customer, and that the brand is protected through the resale of these products.

Become a Brand Partner

How the Resale Collective works


Brands can either use the platform as a self-serve channel or via a fully managed consignment service.


We charge 20% commission if you opt for our Managed Service. Fees are taken at the point of sale and buyers don't incur any fees.

Managed service

If you opt for our managed service, stock is steamed, photographed (if necessary), managed and fulfilled by our logistic partner, ACS.

Becoming a brand partner

The FTC Collective provides brands with a fully managed additional sales channel for pre-loved stock to be sold. This enables brands to sell excess and old inventory on a platform separate from their main site and ensure this does not impact full price sales. This includes stock management and fulfillment by B Corp, ACS.

The sustainable way to sell excess or preloved stock

FTC is working hard to save unnecessary waste and fashion going to landfill. By working with the FTC Collective, it Further deepens Partner brand’s commitment toward reducing waste and tackling fast fashion. We will also plant five trees with every order.

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A circular approach to maternity fashion

British women spend on average £700 on new clothing during pregnancy, purchasing on average 21 new pieces of clothing that they only wear for a handful of months and 10% of women throw their maternity and postpartum clothing away resulting in vast quantities of clothing ending up in landfill and contributing towards the £140million of clothing reaches UK landfill each year.